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Constella’s “Organizational Development Model”, provides both direction and propulsion: first helping government organizations create long-term outlooks that transcend politics and then helping execute the resource strategies that keep organizations moving toward their missions. Constella understands that in today’s constrained government environment, successful performance depends on making the most of your resources. This begins with ensuring our client’s internal processes and staff are properly aligned in support of their organizational objectives, missions and goals. 

​Constella’s Policy and Program Support services interact within public agencies at every level. We realize our clients’ goals are all different, with their focus ranging from healthcare, human services, the environment, or on homeland security and intelligence.. We also recognize that their challenges are typically the same, encompassing political and fiscal hurdles, operational improvement, resource challenges, service enhancements, as well as internal and external accountability,

Constella successfully assists a broad array of clients in developing strategies and programs to win passage of legislation, modify regulations and establish allies to support public policy objectives. The diversity of our clients’ interest range among many issues dealing with appropriations, education, business, transportation, agriculture, economic development, environmental and energy policy, local governmental matters and health care, among others. Our experience and skill in providing government affairs services allow us to work with our clients to identify and plan for various legislative directions and outcomes and to respond accordingly.  

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